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Made in Grand Massif

Made in Grand Massif

Share the Grand Massif's commitment.

Started up by the Grand Massif ski area, the core purpose of the "Origine Grand Massif" association is to support the local economy through promotion of the region's skills. By encouraging visitors to the ski area to consume locally, the association fulfils this aim of tying in solidarity, passion, pleasure, respect of the environement and tradition.


Cheesmakers, artists, farmers, beekeepers...Every one of these producers perfectly sums up the local identity of the Grand Massif.


Essential to the local economy, these local producers and artisans are supported through the various actions of the "Origine Grand Massif" association. 

A commitment mirrored by an "Origine Grand Massif" label

The "Origine Grand Massif" association, formed out of love of the area and the desire to defend local values, gives producers from raw materials the possibility of obtaining the OGM (Origine Grand Massif) label as a guarantee of quality.


The "Origine Grand Massif" label's puts the emphasis on sharing and communication between visitors and local producers. Its role is for tourists to experience tradition through their contact with the region's major players.

Local produce

Local produce representing the region's identity is :

- Predominantly designed or processed on site

- Registered in one of the area's sustainable developement plans

- Of recognised quality


All of the producers labelled "Origine Grand Massif" can be found on the menu on the left.


The Grand Massif

In solidarity with the local producers, the ski area is a driving force in a combined effort to defend shared values of tradition and being a part of the identity of our territory.